Tips to help you switch to an e-cigarette

Tips to help you switch to an e-cigarette 


Thinking seriously about making the switch to e-cigarettes? Transitioning from traditional tobacco cigarettes can be a challenge on its own, and the lack of information could turn it into an even harder task. Don’t despair, because we’ve gathered a list of tips that will help you down the way. Apart from choosing good and realiable device and batteries, and stocking yourself with a lot of e-liquids, we also advise on getting in touch with other vapers for guidance and support.

Finally, one of the greatest tip we could share is not giving it in to haters. Unfortunately, vaping is still quite unpopular to non-smokers and there will be a lot of people out there who will judge – and some even openly hate – you for your habit. Vaping looks like smoking, after all, and many people don’t make the difference. Ordinary people rely on media to get their information, and most mass media often release misleading headlines.

If you find yourself reading such an article and start wondering about whether you’re actually making a difference – stop! Don’t let other people’s opinions and lack of adequate information influence you. You can spend some time to find quality research online and see for yourself how vaping actually works and why it’s safer and healthier than tobacco cigarettes. Most of your concerns will be addressed immediately.

The best tip, if you run into an alarming story in the news – find the research it’s based on. Then read the abstract, or maybe the discussion, to find whether the media has reported the findings correctly. In some cases, even a slight misinterpretation of a word or sentence can lead to a totally different conclusion!

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Happy Vaping!


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